Medal machine

Increase your income with a beautiful souvenir medal machine. We make high-quality and lucrative customized machines that can fit perfectly within your corporate identity.

Medal machines are perfectly made for attraction parks, zoo’s , aquariums, stadiums, souvenir shops. All high-traffic locations can easily implement a medal machine. ETI Medals has more than 10 years of experience in the leisure and tourist business.

Give your audience the possibility to take a unique souvenir back to home.  A longlasting memory that takes care of extra profit and branding of your company.

Medal machines are ultimately placed inside the attraction. Medals are an impulse-purchase and due to the small space used (0,5 m2) can be placed in almost all locations. If the medal machines are placed in the attraction itself, there will hardly be cannibalisation with souvenirs sold in the shops.


High-quality machines, produced and developed in Germany

You are looking for a special gift or souvenir and you are looking for extra income at low cost. At ETI Medals we know from experience that penny’s and medals are very lucrative for our clients. At a relatively low investment (or even no investment) we can organise extra income for the next 10 to 15 years.

In Europe ETI Medals and it’s partners are number 1 concerning pennypresses and medal vending machines. We offer high-quality machines, produced and developed in Germany, which are fully adjusted to your wishes. Of course we design the machines and pennies and medals in such a way that it strengthens your corporate identity.


An interesting offer

When you contact us for an appointment, we of course will be willing to visit you and discuss all possibilities. The next step then will be that we make an interesting offer.

A final step is that we then make a customised presentation of the medals and the medal machines. After approval we then produce the medal(s) and finally install the machine. If you are interested please call us or fill in the contact form on this website.  We will contact you as soon as possible.