Extra revenue with Pennypress and vendingmachines

ETI Medals is based in Oberhausen, Germany and has partners in several European countries and USA. As we have specialised in pennies and medals, we are have been able to focus on quality as well as high-service.

As the machines and all individual parts are produced in Germany, we fully control the quality level of both machines and the end-product. With the lowest possible down-fall of our machines, we offer our customers high profits.

ETI Medals makes for it’s customers attractive designed machines and end-products. The tourists or customers of the attraction take home a long-lasting and nice souvenir at a fair price.

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Pennypress machines

Increase your income with a beautiful souvenir penny press machine. We make high-quality and lucrative customized machines that can fit perfectly within your corporate identity. 

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Medal machines

Give your audience the possibility to take a unique souvenir back to home. A longlasting memory that takes care of extra profit and branding of your company.

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Our clients

Medal machines are perfectly made for attraction parks, zoo’s , aquariums, stadiums, souvenir shops. All high-traffic locations can easily implement a medal machine. ETI Medals has more than 10 years of experience in the leisure and tourist business.

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