About us

ETI Medals is based in Oberhausen, Germany and has partners in several European countries and USA. As we have specialised in pennies and medals, we are have been able to focus on quality as well as high-service.

Our ambition is to deliver pennypresses and medal machines with the highest possible profit-level for our customers.


Why ETI Medals?

As the machines and all individual parts are produced in Germany, we fully control the quality level of both machines and the end-product. With the lowest possible down-fall of our machines, we offer our customers high profits.

In most regions we offer a full-service concept. ETI medals invests in the pennypress or medal machine and our customers get a share of the profit.

ETI Medals makes for it’s customers attractive designed machines and end-products. The tourists or customers of the attraction take home a long-lasting and nice souvenir at a fair price.

ETI Medals sells pennypresses around the world. We have offices in several European countries and also in USA. We operate ourselves in Germany, France, Denmark and USA.